December 19th, 2009


Simple Things and Simple Pleasures

Yeah, it really is the simple things that make me feel the best. Simple pleasures go along with that. In our (or at least mine) gadget and technology glutted world, it really is the simple stuff that makes me really happy.

You may have noticed I’ve started writing a little more. Another simple thing, but depending on your mindset, so hard to do sometimes.

So in no particular order, Some simple things I appreciate...


First things first!

k2rider78 sent me a nice v-gift. Thanks for that darlin’


Thing 2!

Met serene_orange Little Woodrow’s last night for beers. She was effecting a payoff for the detergent (that made me itch) that I gave her. She now considers that debt paid in full. And I guess if pushed, so do I. *grins*

We talked about a wide variety of things, mostly good, poked fun at a few folk there, laughed a lot. Another thing we did a lot of was shiver. Kinda chilly sitting on the patio last night. And at some point one of her ex-BF’s walked up and tried to start a conversation. He is also an acquaintance of mine from The Big Clam. Let’s just call him Frankenstein.

Frank tried to start a conversation with us, but is such a social nit wit. First thing out of his mouth to me was, “You’re not from around here. Where you from? That isn’t a Texas drawl I hear.”

“Naw. Yer right I ain’t from around here. Wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could.” He tottered off shortly after that as it was plain that neither of us was really interested in a conversation with him. Boy was fairly well lit up I’m not even sure he remembered he knew me from work. Remembered me from somewhere obviously.

I really dislike that fucking smug native Texan shit that some people put out. Frankenstein’s was full of fail however-because I was having none of it. Don’t give a fuck and don’t care who knows I don’t give one.

But all in a fun evening! Think it was nearly 1 when I walked through the door here. Sitting in a beer joint, especially outside (weather and riles permitting) is another of these simple things that make me happy.


Thing the 3rd

Patio - Living in an area where I can use my patio, even if it is just for sitting doing nothing, most of the year is a simple-thing that makes me glad to be alive. I like it.


The Fourth Thang

De-stressing - At least on a personal level and having a home or space where I can go is kind of a simple thing. I finally seem to be sleeping better and the dark circles that have been prominently displayed under my eyes may be starting to give up the ghost. At least I think I can see a difference. Still a long way to go. But at least I feel like there is progress.


In Fifth Place

Having access to tech that lets me listen to the same music where ever the blazes I happen to be. Complex and simple all at the same time. Just depends on how you want to accomplish it. Need some way to pipe iTunes into the bathroom. Eventually.


The Sixth Big Thing

Remember I groused a bit about my friends that were going to give me some pots and pans? Thursday night I went out to Target and bought my self a set (and then some) made by “The Original Green Pan

8“ open fry pan
11” Square grill pan
9.5“ open Fry pan
1 and 2 quart saucepans
3 quart covered casserole

And a 7” Pyrex bowl or dish. Cooked a can of soup in this last night.

Simple things like buying a set of cookware...


7th Thing


And this is the one that got me thinking about the simple things that make me happy this morning. What can be simpler than bowl of oatmeal? So I prepped the saucepan per the instructions from Green Pan because it would be it’s first use
Washed it gently.
Dried it
Coated it lightly with some cooking oil.

And now the really simple parts

Then poured the water in the pan and set it to boil on the stove. Once the water boiled I added the oatmeal and reduced the heat, and let the pot, water, oatmeal, and heat do their thing for about a minute. Then I had my first real home cooked meal in my apartment. Been cooking mostly pre-packaged stuff in the microwave since I moved in, but I felt this was the first real meal cooked here. Simple.

As I sat there eating my oatmeal and reading a 2 or 3 day old newspaper (I know, right?), I thought about how it really was the simple things (like this) that gave me the most pleasure.


So what are my next steps? Want to KISS it...

Keep It Simple Stupid

I have to teach myself to cook. One of the things Mom and I never got around to was training for this basic skillset. I’ve picked up a few things over the years. But usually I had a partner that was willing to take care of the meals part, so, I am sure that whatever skills or knowledge I had at one time are either very rusty or no longer exist.

I need to buy a good cookbook - and maybe another one for short meals for one to two.

Also want to get a dish-rack I don’t plan on putting these new pans through the dishwasher, even though the manufacturer says you can.

Then I want to plan some meals and go to the grocery store.



I Think Y'all Might Have Misunderstood Me

I said basically that I have to teach myself to cook.

This is a literal statement. I mean I can do a few things as long it isn’t too complicated.

And while I appreciate all the references to the Internet I think I need a physical book. I mean gods know if anyone can do anything on the interwebz I should be able to.

But I need to learn to cook. Literally Learn. To. Cook. I need to know what things should be staples, what equipment if needed, what spices should be stocked. This is from the ground up kinda stuff.

How to pick meat and vegetables. Or fruit.

How to make mashed potatoes.

Pork chops fried, grilled or broiled.

And why’s kinda things for it. I mean I can do some of this stuff all ready. But am I doing it right?

How to write a menu plan. This kinda stuff. I need to re-learn (and just plain learn) my way around a kitchen.

Isn’t there a cooking for Dummies book?

And I know y’all are ALL good resources for this kind of thing. But I don’t want to make any of y’all quazy with a bunch of inane and probably repeated questions.

But believe me if I’m stuck on just about anything whom will I ask? You guys of course!

Simple Things

I have been reveling in simple things lately. No difference today.

Sitting here munching on a pair of perfectly grilled (with one of my new pans!) Sourdough and sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches... I didn’t even scorch them or the pan.

Didn’t get much of what I set out to do today done, but so what. Tomorrow is another day! And I got some of it done.


Had brunch with The Offspring, her mother cadona, and her Gran Ma-ma who is visiting from Florida. And already driving her daughter ‘round the bend a little.

After that the kiddo and I ran some of her errands and did a little shopping. Hers, not mine. People are effin’ nuts out there.


@ eats_veggies Dorie - Looks like we’re a go for Christmas Eve. You want me to call you over the next few days?

And please don’t make a fuss over me! Okay, well maybe a little fuss! I’ll take up the offer of the couch too. I’ll be gone pretty early the next morning to. It will be so good to see you again! Looking forward to meeting Marcel as well.


Discovered my home theatre setup DOES have a headphone jack, so I can play stuff as loud as I want.

My 360 Crack game Borderlands never sounded so good.