December 21st, 2009

G'morning, Coffee

I Have No Idea

Just what in the hell made me wake up at THREE friggin’ O’clock in the friggin’ morning...

But it is what it is...*sigh*
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Give a damn

I Am Capable of Such Great Focus...

I know I am...

But as far as work goes, man I have completely lost it. Completely de-motivated and I cannot even seem to focus on whatever the task is I have at hand.

Much less what I need to do for the day.

I really just don't give a crap.
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Is This a Long Bus Ride?

Or is it just me...

Stopped to drink some cheap(er) beers with my friend and co-worker D. This is not something I say lightly. Really. How often do I talk about co-workers and friends in the same breath? But D and I clicked almost immediately. Amazing really since we come from such different backgrounds and he’s 10 years younger than me. Often one of us will say something and the other will go, “Can’t believe that, I was just thinkin’ the same thing.”

But I digress... The last bus I can easily catch to the West Loop P&R picks up at my stop around 6:45. Ridicules in a city of this size. So we had to drink fast. We had like 3 brews apiece. I made a pit stop right before I left the restaurant.

Once you break the seal...

By the time the bus was 3/4’s of the way to the P&R, and I had to wait like 15 minutes for the damned thing, I was a little uncomfortable. Three are restrooms there but they lock ‘em so the homeless folk don’t camp out in ‘em. I practically had to run to my car. By the time I got through the damned gate I had to stop and do a quick march to the club house rest room. Whoa! Sweet blessed relief!

Avodart any one??

*HEH* Have a nice evening all! And try to get a good night’s sleep!
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Awesome me

This and That

What the Hell is That?

Last night after another beer and some gaming. I paused my Crack Borderlands game to get up and get some dinner. Nothing fancy. Don’t ask I was buzzed.

I’m boiling water and I hear Bzzzzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzz Then it seems to stop. A few seconds later Bzzzzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzz. Wash rinse repeat... Couldnot figure out for the kife of me where that was coming from. So I add my pasta to my now boiling water. That damned noise was making me a little crazy!

Looked over at the coffee table in time to see the controller for the 360 slip off the edge and onto the floor. Ah HA! I had not actually paused the game. Just pulled up my backpack inventory and set the controller down. What had happened was the bad guys I had just slaughtered rather shamelessly had re-spawned and were killing me. While I was in the throes of death the controller would-vibrate on and off. It would stop all together once I died. I would spawn at the re-spawn point a few (subjective) feet away. And the bad guys would turn and kill me.

Wonder how many times my character actually died before I realized what was going on? Heh!


Clearly My Heart Isn’t in it This Week

As far as work goes. So rather than make myself and everyone else around me C-R-A-Z-Y with my lack of focus, I mean by mid morning yesterday I was ready to fling myself out of a window, and nobody wants to see that... U=I elected to take the rest of this week off. And as Friday is my regular day off, this little hiatus is only gonna cost me 1 day of vacation. Because in lieu of my day off on Friday, I can take another one. I elect that day to be tomorrow!

So there!


Just As Well, I Have Some Things To Do Around Here.

just a general clean up. Paper is threatening to overrun me in here. Much as I hate to I need to go to wallywork to see if they sell pods for my Senseo machine. The ones I have are from the last time I was using it regularly. That was around a couple of years ago and the bags were not sealed well, so the coffee is kind of Blechhhh. They sell them on the Web site so maybe...

Need to get some stocking stuffers for The Offspring as well. I used to do this in a combination of ways when the kids were younger. Restoration Hardware used to have some (relatively) cheap but cool type stuff for that. And then I’d hit a dollar store to round it all out. I’ll give that a try again.

And I need some groceries!


Now I’ll just play another 15 minutes of Borderlands....