December 24th, 2009


What do I want for Christmas?

Well. I don’t really want or need anything. Or even expect anything.

Really. I want for nothing. Well I could do the unrealistic wish for world peace and harmony... Instead I think I will wish for something a little smaller and in it’s own way, more realistic.

I am not as good with words as some, but here you go:

My wish for all of you everywhere is...

That the coming year be just a little bit easier than the last.

That your cup overflows with goodness and light. Peace and joy.

May you receive all it is that you want...

and if not that at least what you need.

To know that even in some small way, you are loved...And cherished.

...Each and every one of you!

If you have troubles and travails or trials

...may they be nothing that cannot be overcome.

Peace and love be upon you my friends!

~ TexasT’s

Now I’ve got a little road trip to do... I had best be about getting set for that.

Baby. It's Cold Outside!

Not that cold. But the wind is really blowing howling. Really glad I invested in new rubber a month or so back. Still getting thrown all over the road. At least it feels like it!

At a rest stop just west of Columbus. Quite chilly, but otherwise great!

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At eats_veggies

For what looks like it will be quite the sumptuous feast.

Did I happen to mention that her husband, Marcel, (whom I just met today) is a chef? Dorie is no slouch in the kitchen either!

There are some wonderful smells emanating from the cooking space. YUM!
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