December 30th, 2009


Only Turned My Back for a Second *grins*

And my grilled cheese sandwhich suddenly became “blackened” Grilled Cheese on one side.

Now despite the fact that it’s frickin’ cold outside I’ve got the patio doors open and the damned ceiling fan blasting.

Not because of smoke, but because of the smell.

Sometimes chemical reactions stink!



Can’t folks just be satisfied with the gifts that are given? Or not given?

Sick of hearing people whine about who got what and who didn’t. It STILL isn’t about the gifts. It never was.

Can’t we all just be good to one another? For more than 2 weeks out of the year. 52 weeks in a row would be a good start.

For myself I don’t ask for ~ or expect anything... For my birthday or any other holiday that gift giving is the custom. That way I’m not disappointed. And I’m usually delighted with what does materialize. By the same token ~ if nothing does ~ that’s all right too.

But maybe I’m just warped.
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