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January 13th, 2010

Now That's What I Call Service!

Just got a call from the Apple Store.

My mac is ready. Where is my receipt? In my bag. No not this one. My laptop bag. At home. Sitting on my couch.


Supposed to meetup with the kiddo to help setup a PC for her nonprofit.

I'll go by the apartment to get my other bag first. Maybe I'll have time after to go get the mean machine.

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That PC was a Breeze to Set Up

Sweet setup for a windoze machine. Dual flatpanels and all.

Kid offered me dinner tabouli and hummis (sp?) she made herself. However. I will NOT have to worry about vampires for a while. Could be days!

I've od'd on garlic! She must have had a really fresh clove.

Jeebus. Hope I can get to sleep tonight. Excuse me while I go brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash! And then pass the rolaids!

It was a damn fine feed but dayum!

She said herself it was pretty strong. Girl, you ain't never lied!

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