January 15th, 2010

Awesome me

Stepped Out on the Patio

And listened to a weather report or two, and said, “I don’t think so” to myself.

Got the laptop out and on and logged on. And things mostly worked. All friggin day. I was busy enough that my accounts didn’t time me out of wherever I was logged in today.

TexasT’s sez, “Never doubt the ability of a few assholes to (or at least TRY to) ruin your day.”

Had a few of those clods today.

By about three in the afternoon I turned IM off, if for nothing else to turn that infernal, “DING!” off. But mostly to stop getting messages that started with, “HI!”

I’m onto that one, dammit. Someone whom I don’t know (usually) starts with that intro and I know that whatever they have to say is probably gonna make either my head or my ass hurt.

Had a disgustingly productive week, the days I was there anyway. *grins* Even today.

I was even nice to every one until the last dolt told me he needed his deal TODAY, RIGHT NOW!

That’s when I said, “I’ll see what I can do.” and clicked out of the conversation and told IM to show me as OUT OF OFFICE. Worked on a few more issues. Except for the capital letters guy... Logged off a little while ago. Supposed to meet phoenixisrisen for coffee dinner here in a bit. Need to ping her.

Color me GONE! from work.