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January 27th, 2010

Oh Hell Yes

How about a little rain to focus with...Pure Awesomeness


via lifehacker

"The entire site is a giant play button and a few side widgets to encourage you to share the service on social networks. Pressing the play button starts a loop of a summer rainstorm. The loop of the quality is very high and on par with the type of recordings you'll find on CDs with nature-sound themes."

or How about a little meditative rhythm?


This is interesting. You can choose several different options very calming.

Nice stuff.


I give you: The Apple iPad

Just when I thought I was over my techno-lust. Looks like the Touch’s big brother.


More on the *shudder* iPad

The more I’ve thought and read about it make me think seriously that I would not plunk down my hard earned cash for one.

Damned name is seriously goofy. It makes me think of feminine products. iPad. Really?

And the “i” thing is getting old.

If it was running the Mac Operating system (OSX) rather than the iPhone OS, I might be more excited about it. I mean I like my phone, but I don’t think I need a 10“ iPod Touch. It doesn’t multitask just like the iPhone.

I think they missed the mark for my money.



Pretty Farfetched

But I am going to ask anyway. I recently started watching the late 70’s or early 80’s documentary series Cosmos on Hulu.

Carl Sagan was the host or narrator. I remember that series changed the way I thought about things.

I really loved the music from that series and at one time I owned the sound track. But no more. I think it was actually on vinyl.

I even contacted the Web site but they no longer sell it. Found it on Amazon, but the money they are asking even for a USED copy is frickin’ ridiculous. $144.00 USD. And from the reviews the recordings are not all that great.

Do any of yall have access to a copy of this music?

Rip me a copy please?

The music of Cosmos



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