January 31st, 2010


Starting my Second Pot

Or 1/2 pot of coffee. Was after 2:00 when I laid down to try to sleep. Couldn’t get there. So hit my bottle of sleeping pills up. *THUD!*

Rolled over awake between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning. Well!

Got the X-Games on (mostly for white noise at the moment). Laundry going, policed the kitchen. I reckon as soon as I finish the paper I can get really busy! NOT!


Might call The Offspring later to see what she’s got going.

Need to make a grocery run at some point today. *Helllllllo! You need a list, boy!* Which means an attempt at a menu of some kind. *sigh* Got two weeks worth of coupons to sift through. My own fault I just LOOKED at the Sunday paper as it lay there on the floor last week. *grins*

Want to hang some pictures as well. I need to hang some pictures

Need to get the stereo squared away too.

Looks like I could be quite busy today.

Unless I blow all of it off! *heh* Could happen...
apple MBP


Since I killed the premium package on my cable, been thinking about starting up with NetFlix. The Offspring loves the service. One of my co-horts from work swears by the service too.

Can sign up for both physical copies and over the cable via my XBox. Or even over my mac or pc.

Seems like a win to me.

Thoughts? Opinions? Give ‘em up folks!

Decided I Needed to Get Out

For a bit.

Had dinner. Nursing my third big ass beer at buffalo wild wings. Watching the Pro Bowl. Kind of a useless friggin' game innit?

Saw on the news at some point that if I wanna say "WHO DAT!" on my blog or anywhere else, Ima 'posed to pay da NFL?

Damned rich bitch NFL owners. Can bite me! Or byte me. Their choice.

Who dat?!!

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