February 18th, 2010


So What Does 52 Feel Like?

Well it doesn’t feel any different from 51!

Dishes still need done. Apartment still needs cleaned. Kitchen needs policed. Laundry needs finished. Bills gotta be paid.

Some exciting life I’m leading, eh?


Waiting for The Offspring to give me a call. Think we have a museum or two to visit, lunch and/or dinner, perhaps a movie, and then maybe a few beers and shuffleboard.

Kiddo’s mother, cadona woke me this morning with a phone call and birthday wishes. *grins* I slept in!


The frickin’ next door neighbors were playing some heavy base music this morning. AT 1 AM... I’d gone to bed between 12 and 1230. I wasn’t very happy. And could see I was gonna have trouble getting back to sleep. So an aid was required.

Filed a complaint with the management here already this week for their antics last week.

A few love taps on the wall with the business end of a broom shut them down last night.

Honestly, with the sleep issues I have I don’t need this crapola.

I’ll be filing another complaint today.

And if they piss me off enough they’ll be getting an early morning visit from yours truly as well.


I hear the washing machine / dryer calling me...

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Just Made Myself...

A nice lunch of baked Cod fillets and some pan fried chips.

Complete with malt vinegar sauce and tons of salt.

The only thing that was missing was the newsprint that fish and chips were served on at the chip shops in Britain when I was there.

Ate mine on stoneware.

So sue me...


I could do that again...