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February 20th, 2010

Good Morning!

Special to the Flist...

I know I haven’t told y’all lately...

You are the most inspiring, awesome bunch of folks it has ever been my pleasure to hang around and converse with.

I would be loathe to give a single one of you up...

It would be a wonderful (albeit unrealistic) ambition to meet up with y’all for real at least once.

Thank you for allowing me into your lives...


Oh yeah right.

I know Mc D’s has deep pockets and has been a sponsor of the US Olympic teams for decades.

But really... One of Olympic athletes favorite foods are Chicken McPieces. RUFKM?!?

Most athletes (professional or otherwise) would likely tell you to stay the fuck out of Mickey D’s all together. I mean really.

Most of the folks I know that are in any kind of shape, wouldn’t touch the Golden Arches with a 20 foot pole. Or most any other fast food establishment either.

Truth in advertising. A very laughable concept...

Only I ain’t laughin’



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