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March 4th, 2010

Feh! No Grill

By the time I got to target last night, traffic was murderous over by Reliant, forgot about the RODEO, And discovered they did NOT stock the grill I was looking for in spite of what Weber’s web site said, it was too late to go to Bering’s.

Tonight, then.

No matter.

Working from home again today. I swear it is like no-one is watching. Or no-one cares. Fine by me.

Looks like it will be another beautiful day in paradise...

And I’m stuck here *grins*


It's Almost Here!

What you ask? The Weekend!

Only 3-4 more hours and I can put the work laptop away for at least 3 days!



Lunch? Yes Please...

So today I tried something a little different. Made of of those Knorr pasta sides. Alfredo. And mixed in a small can of French cut green beans.

Salt and pepper to taste. YUM


Cue the Music

Ahhhhhhhhh don’ wanna work! Jus’ wannnnnnnnnn to bang on de drum all day!

Repeat chorus as necessary


Well Hell

Got the damned grill. But I won’t be doing any grilling tonight.

I need petroleum jelly to lubricate the threads on the regulator. And I don’t have any. But I’ll get some tomorrow dang it. There will be grillin’ here tomorrow.

Grumble - mumble...

Ah well. Fix something else tonight then.



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