March 4th, 2010


Feh! No Grill

By the time I got to target last night, traffic was murderous over by Reliant, forgot about the RODEO, And discovered they did NOT stock the grill I was looking for in spite of what Weber’s web site said, it was too late to go to Bering’s.

Tonight, then.

No matter.

Working from home again today. I swear it is like no-one is watching. Or no-one cares. Fine by me.

Looks like it will be another beautiful day in paradise...

And I’m stuck here *grins*

Lunch? Yes Please...

So today I tried something a little different. Made of of those Knorr pasta sides. Alfredo. And mixed in a small can of French cut green beans.

Salt and pepper to taste. YUM

Well Hell

Got the damned grill. But I won’t be doing any grilling tonight.

I need petroleum jelly to lubricate the threads on the regulator. And I don’t have any. But I’ll get some tomorrow dang it. There will be grillin’ here tomorrow.

Grumble - mumble...

Ah well. Fix something else tonight then.
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