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March 6th, 2010

Oh Boy!

Looks like it will be a glorious spring type day here in SE Texas. Still a bit cool yet, but the high is supposed to be around 70F.

Typing this entry from my patio. The sun is shining (albeit not directly on my patio and I’ll be thankful for this later on in the season) and there is a light cool breeze

And yes I believe lasts night’s malady was allergy related.

Working on my 2d pot of coffee, about to start some laundry and fire some iTunes magic up. Maybe crack a window or two.

Mmnnn Good!

Grilled kielbasa for lunch. Slightly overcooked. But oh so goooooood!

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No Hard Feelings. Right?

Took my iPod into the bathroom with when I took a shower a while ago. Must have had the volume up to high for my neighbors.

These are the same ones that back up to my bedroom wall. I have had to take a broomstick to the walls a few times because they've been too loud. Even had to get management to write them a violation letter.

Slight difference though... 700 PM now.



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