March 14th, 2010

G'morning, Coffee

What is That Smell?

Sitting here on the couch with my coffee doing a little web reading before I get started with my day.

Looks like another beautiful day in SE Texas. Got the patio door open.

View out my patio door!

Into my second half pot of coffee. The Cuisineart Burr Grinder I picked up yesterday is performing wonderfully (albeit a little messier than my old blade grinder, no matter. It’s me and new equipment **grins** ) Got a shot of Irish Cream in this cup. YUM!

Contemplating a shower, reading the paper, finishing the laundry, paying bills, and grocery shopping (not necessarily in that order *laughs*) and a sweet floral smell wafts in from somewhere.

‘What is that?’ I thought. Nothing flowering down by the pool. Still quite lovely though...

It was someone’s dryer venting their dryer sheet smell. **sigh** Somewhat disappointing, but it still smells nice.

I Am Probably...

Just gonna sit here and Veg out...

This post is pursuant to the last one I made from my patio with my mobile.

Managed to get a shower and the laundry finished. And I’ve set all my analog clocks to the correct time. (I did the digital thing this morning before I went to bed. Most of the digital stuff I have in here sets itself. **laughs**) They are all up high enough it takes at least a step-ladder...

That’s about it.

But no bills paid. And no groceries bought. Hell, I haven’t even bothered with a list.


Contemplating taking tomorrow off too. I’m a little perturbed with work at the moment. And I need to think about what my next action will be.

I *might* venture out for dinner. Then again, that will depend on how many beers (or something along those lines..*grins*) I have consumed between now and the time I get hungry.