April 3rd, 2010

Awesome me

Feh. Meh. And Some Good Stuff too

I was out and about yesterday.

Met a friend for lunch (more on this in a minute) way out on the west side. So I thought while I was on that side of town, I’d pay my storage bill, get a haircut, and have my favorite mechanics take a look at my AC which is blowing warm air.

WARM AIR! Summer is coming. Don’t want to live without AC in Houston in the summertime. If I was younger I could. And I HAVE done so. It is frickin’ miserable.

And if I decide to date or something I can’t be showing up all sweaty and stuff. Make for a Gooooooooood first impression, no? No.

Anyway, I figured the thing needed a shot of freon. The Saturn Express is getting old after all. 1998. In excess of 105K miles on it. But no. The thing is friggin’ shot. Quoted me $1100 to replace the compressor, receiver dryer and the expansion valve. Was over $550.00 just for the compressor. And that’s just for the PART! No labor.

Told them that I needed to think about that one. Fuck! The car isn’t worth much, it’s a 12 year old Saturn for chrissakes! But it is paid for. Last time I checked the Blue Book the value was somewhere around $2K.

But it is paid for. This is what I keep thinking.

And summer is coming. Hell, I’ve got the AC on at the apartment today. Temp appears to be in the mid 80’s. Folks are laying around the pool catching some rays. I think the pool itself is a bit chilly for swimming yet as there are not too many takers.

But I digress, *laughs* just the way my mind works, I guess. Ask folks who have sat with me in person. I can be all over the place depending on my state of mind *grins*. Or non-state of mind. Depends on the environment.

I was reading the Atlantic Magazine, no I’m not a subscriber I think this issue was delivered to me by mistake, and in the back I found an ad for an online parts store. www.rockauto.com

The price for a compressor ranges from $250 to $360. The other parts are similarly discounted as well. The cheapest price for the compressor is for a remanufactured one. Warranty is one year.

This leads me to check autozone.com $267.00 for a reman compressor, warranty 3 months.

Call me paranoid, but this is a little suspicious to me. I’ve known the owner of this shop for years and years. The new service manager is just that. New. And now it seems I’ve got a trust issue with the guy. I heard him talking on the phone with two different suppliers. So if he is telling tales, he’s thinking he’s pretty frickin’ slick right about now donchathink?

Sumbeeyotch knows I am an IT guy. Did he think I was completely without resources? That I wouldn’t check? I HAVE worked on cars. I know that this is a bitch of an operation. At least 4 hours labor.

Thinking I may have to call BULLSHIT!! on this guy. As well as get another quote.

Why do things have to be this way? I don’t get it. I don’t mind someone making a profit. This however, if true, borders on thievery.


Lunchtime follies!

So my bud and I are eating (and drinking) lunch at a place called the Tilted Kilt. Kind of like Hooters only the waitresses are dressed somewhat skimpier. Eye candy galore. We’re sitting at the bar outside. He gets a call from out other team-member. They are talking and he’s nodding his head.

I told him, “Yanno, she can’t see you nodding yer head dude!” He completely lost the chain of conversation, looked at me and just cracked up. About this time some gal over the rail gets my attention. She’s a looker too. I go over to talk to her. She says she’s from Austin, and was staying at one of the hotels around the corner. And in that particular area there are more than a few. She loaded up her car prior to checking out. Went back in to check out, and by the time she’s finished someone has broken into her car and stolen all her shit. Sounds good, right. She’s asked some folks and they’ve told her to go to a homeless shelter. WTF!? I can believe it though. It’s fucking Houston.

I looked her over. Dressed well, she’s not a stick. Driving a late model car. Her eyes are clear. No cloudiness that one associates with heavy drug use. She could look me in the eye as well. I figured she might be telling the truth. Or a version of it.

Tell her I’d like to help her out, (I’d give her a 20 for gas) but I don’t carry any cash, which is true. Do everything via debit card. I turn to my friend David, ask HIM if he’s got any cash. He’s got a 10 spot. “Give it to me,” I say. And he does. And I do. And she is just all over me, “Thank you, Thank you!”

Yanno, if I lived in Austin, I’d wanna get outta this town as quick as I could too. I reckon I got her halfway there.



Met up with the lovely serene_orange last night for a late supper (?). Unusual for me.

After we entertained each other for a while.

Was after one when I finally got to bed. Woke at four “No.” Went to the bathroom and back to bed.

Woke at six. Said, “I don’t think so” to myself and fell back in bed.

Woke at almost EIGHT! This is unheard of for me. I’m thinking it must be my new found darkness. *grins* How wonderful! How unprecedented! And how restful!


Technology is wonderful and terrible all at the same time.

Been tracking my other two drapery panels as they’ve been making their way across the country.

Started in Las Vegas, NV, US.
To Ontario, CA, USA. *Did we annex Ontario when I wasn’t looking?*
Then in and out of Albuquerque, NM, US
And into Mesquite, TX, US.

By the time they get here, supposed to be delivered on Monday, they are gonna be quite High mileage! *laughs* I suppose they could be delayed due to iPad deliveries though. *grins*

But think about it, it wasn’t that long ago where none of that would have been possible.


Adventures in Breakfast

Made poached eggs and bacon for breakfast / lunch today. Think I over poached the eggs. *heh* But it was my first time. Still pretty tasty!


What with interruptions and all this post has taken a while to put together. Back to the laundry!