April 17th, 2010


So Far...


Will be meeting friend and co-worker ez_as_pi for an early lunch at the Saltgrass Steakhouse right around the corner from my apartment.

Probably be pretty much useless after that! *grins*

pi used to work in my building on the same floor. A lot of mornings would find us in my cube or hers having breakfast and lively (or as lively as you can get at 7:00AM) conversation.

Talking via IM last night I mentioned NetFlix didn’t have the last episode of Dr Who with David Tennant, she found me a download (*.avi) for both parts of “The End of Time”. Still haven’t seen “Waters of Mars” but at least I’ve got the downloads for the last one.

Thoroughly geek-ified, she is. And a fine friend as well.


My Bedroom

A Tale of Two Bookshelves

Yeah. Remember those? Pretty much decided that one or both have got to come outta there. Got entirely too much furniture in there. Pinged Herself to see if she was interested in them. Never got a text back so I’m taking that as a “No”. They will either go out to the storage room in the Hinterlands, into the dumpster, or to a good new home.

Once I get them out I’ll be trying some new furniturial (It is TOO a word!) arrangements. *Heh*

The Beast

Remember the trouble I had with my heavy ass credenza that I had the movers put in here? Still sitting in the storage room down the hall. I really need to get my stuff outta there. Seems I cannot bear to sell the thing so it may need to go to the hinterlands as well. Because it ain’t coming back in here. *grins*

Asked phoenixisrisen about borrowing her pickup to move the bookcases. She agreed. But think if I want to move the damned credenza too, I’ll need (at the very least) a cargo van, because they sit lower, or some sort of truck with a lift gate. This fucker is heavy. Again I need to make sure it will fit in my space out in Katy.

The Curtains

Are working out just fine, but they sure as hell don’t filter out 90% of full sunlight. Work just fine for courtyard lighting at night though. Nearly pitch black in there with the lights off and the curtains closed.


Got a ton of other stuff to do as well.

Groceries, bills, clean my kitchen. Hell the whole apartment could use a scrub down. Maybe check out the water temp in the pools.


Work Stuff

Starting to second guess myself. You know I am so tired of the BS going on in the company. Maybe I should take my severance and RUN LIKE HELL. This place used to be a helluva lot more fun to work at.

Or find a job in the company either here or overseas (can you spell expatriate?) and bide my time until the IT situation improves. Hear we have somethings available in Kazakhstan. *HA-HA* And where the fuck is that anyway?? Just kidding I know exactly where it is. And it’s COLD there.

But then again... See what I mean about second guessing myself.

Did some pension calculations based on current stuff and a little while in the future, and further in the future. I definitely canNOT afford to retire right now. But I knew that all ready.

The wheels are definitely turning, though.