April 18th, 2010


DANG IT! CRS Strikes Again...

Yet another case of CRS *Can’t Remember Shit!*

Cannot seem to locate my etherport switch. Crap. Attempting to run some Ethernet cable in the living room and bedroom.

And I need that damned switch!

I hate getting old... Wonder if I took it out to the hinterlands. Gonna check the storeroom down the hall again.

I need to make a run out to Katy anyway to see if I can fit some more crap in the Storeroom out there. But hell...

Guess if I need to go the morning would be best anyway. Still haven’t got the AC fixed in the Saturn Express as I haven’t yet figured out which damned hat I’m gonna pull THAT rabbit out of.

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oh shit

Most of the Time

I am OK with this hyper ficus thing I get sometimes. Usually a good thing.

But I'm out here in Katy. And it's really starting to rain.

Guess I need to face the fact that I might be just a little OCD.


And I'm hungry to boot.


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Now That's Hot!

Making my self a cup of tea. Fill a cup and heat it in the microwave. The cup’s handle got so hot I had to use a towel to set it on the counter. I usually do use a measuring cup. I was completely unprepared for the heat in that handle. About dropped it. *grins* Good thing I had to let it sit on the counter for 5 minutes.

Used some different cups before and never had an issue.



Suppose it could be the design of the cup.