April 20th, 2010



Something woke me at 4:00 AM this morning. Dunno. Rolled around till about 20 past, then gave up, and got up.

Wonder if it could be stress?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Suffering from mental paralysis as far as The Big Clam goes the last day or so.

Got about 10 (I think) jobs I want to look hard at. And possibly apply for. Won’t get through all of them today I’m sure.

Jesus, I was so not ready for this...

And The Asian Overlord finally sent a note, asking if I needed to talk. While noting my own responsibility in this situation I find myself in, he isn’t exactly blameless.

I don’t really want to talk to him either. What the hell can he do for me? Not much. He’s done so much already...


Anyway I recognize that I need to get a grip and get cracking. But why can’t I really seem to do anything?

Shit. I’m just tired of the Bullshit. And Corporate Bullshit is the worst of all. Maybe I do need to take the severance and just go.

The economy is still sucking balls though. So many out of work. What makes me any more qualified than any of these good people?

Things Are Not Looking Too Bright and Sunshiny

For my future prospects at The Big Clam.

Uhhh. I am really starting to get concerned. I guess I’ll need to set up a conference with the ever so helpful HR-Lady...

Not looking for any dang ((((hugs)))) or anything like that. I just need to keep track of how or what I am feeling.

Right at the moment... Not so good.