April 22nd, 2010

G'morning, Coffee

How Long?

How long do you lay in bed after you wake up?

I cannot lay around for more than 10 minutes or so. Probably less than that under regular conditions.

Somewhat longer if I am not alone (AS IF!! HAHAHAHAHA!)

Perfect Time of the Year...

To go camping in SE Texas. And I tell you, if it weren’t for the fact I need to replace the AC in the Saturn Express, I’d be giving some serious consideration to taking myself points west (or north) into the Hill country and beyond to do just that.

But I would need to purchase a tent, and a new air mattress and some other piddly crap in order to facilitate camping. Got lanterns a plenty and a stove (2 actually) and most of the other crap associated with camping.

But no tent. It was destroyed a few years back. Or worn out. I never did get the story on that. It left the house one day and never came back... Doesn’t really matter. If I remember correctly I didn’t much like that tent anyway.

But alas, I’m too spoiled (or OLD) to live without AC in this part of the country. I did finally figure out how to pay for that particular repair or replacement.

Sooooooooooooo. That is where the money will go!

Meh. Feh. I wanna road trip...

Ahm Tard...

That is Texas speak for:
I’m tired.

And I am. I’ll be sooooo glad when this week is finally finished.

And it isn’t like I’m not sleeping. After that first night I moved the bed (what 3 or 4 days ago), I’ve been averaging just over 6 hours a night. Was almost 7 hours last night. This is good. For me. Wonder if it will continue to improve. I haven’t slept for over six hours a night, unless I’m truly exhausted (even with meds) for YEARS!

And it isn’t like I’m wearing myself out at work. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

But I’m just pooped tonight. Stress much? Had dinner plans made and canceled them.


Ordered pizza delivery. First time I’ve done that since I moved out of the house. In September. Wazzat like nine months?

Oh well... I’m hoping this isn’t a new (or old) trend I am starting (or re-starting)

But damn, Ahm tard...

Gonna eat my dinner (once it gets here) watch a little tube and hit the sack.

Last Year On This Day

According to Accuweather.com ~ It was frickin’ 90 degrees F in Houston!

It might have hit 80F today. Got the windows open today. I’ll close ‘em and turn the AC on tonight. Just more comfy that way.

But what a difference 365 days can make.