April 26th, 2010


"Wait until Bill Shatner hears about this," he said.

Spock finally beams into Vulcan...

Via Yahoo.

VULCAN, Alberta (Reuters) - This Canadian small town has been obsessed about all things "Star Trek" for as long as anyone here can remember, but denizens always felt something -- or someone -- was missing. Until Friday.

Leonard Nimoy, who will forever be Mr. Spock from the 1960s TV series, finally fulfilled the dreams of the farming community that shares the name of the character's home planet by paying a visit.

His remarks to Vulcanites, many decked out in their homemade "Star Trek" uniforms, were, well, logical.

"I have been a Vulcan for 44 years -- I figured it was time I came home," the 79-year-old actor said to wild cheers at a ceremony at the center of the town.

The whole article is HERE!

It's Official...

I’m addicted.

Just bought a season pass on iTunes for Dr Who season 5. In HD. There are just too many commercials on BBC America. And I don’t get the BBC in HD. Irritating. Unless the channel is of the beaten path on ComCast.

Also downloaded Seasons 1 through 4 as well.

Is that over the top? I can never tell.

Mainlining DR Who!