April 28th, 2010



Note: This post is a NO HUG zone. Not looking for them. I just want to RANT.

**begin rant**

Had what I hope will be my last 1-2-1 with the Asian Overlord today.

Useless, pointless, and hopeless. I want or need nothing from this guy.

Don’t want his sympathy. *How are you holding up?* I’m fine.

Don’t want his empathy, *I know exactly how you feel.* No you fucking don’t. You were still in diapers when I went to work for The Big Clamm

Don’t need his pretended optimism. *Even if you get laid off, this could be a really good opportunity for you!* You first, asshole! Fuck off! Considering how close I was to retirement, this is NOT OKAY. I don’t give a rat’s ass how you slice it.

This guy just sets my teeth on edge. Just hearing his voice makes me tense up. I was civil. But I sure as hell didn’t have a lot to say.


And I am fine. FINE!

Grizzly Bear indeed. Got my claws out and my damned teeth are bared...

Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.

I’m angry. Angry as hell, but otherwise fine. Anger generally passes quickly.

**end rant**

Going to head out after work for dinner and drinks with a friend. And no. I am not going to goddam HOOTERS...