May 1st, 2010


IKEA Loot From Yesterday

Was looking for a lamp for the bathroom counter. Score!

And a side table with storage. Ironically this is called HOLe

Unfortunately it isn't bigger on the inside. *grins*

Got 2 solar powered lights for the patio. This one is white. The other is BLUE.

Also got a couple of storage boxes. And of course, lunch.

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Errands. Errands. Errands...

Got a couple of crafty type projects I want to start. Need some rust covering primer and paint for a table that has sat out in the weather too long. The chrome on the legs is peeling and rusty. Already taken my motor tool to it yo knock off whatever I could.

And apparently I need a new razor knife to cut some cork sheeting for another project. Can’t seem to lay my hands on any of my old ones. Probably one or two with my tools out in the storage room in the Hinterlands.

And I want another X-10 wireless wall switch.

So I’m off to the hardware store and Fry’s Electronics.

Side trip to pickup drugs at CVS as well.


But first I think another episode of Doctor Who. I was rather skeptical of the Doctor and Donna season at first, but I actually this I like the brassy Londoner better than the doctor in training, Martha.

Donna has her moments doesn’t she? Being Red on the Head doesn’t hurt either! Not as far as I’m concerned anyway.


And I ordered one of these charging stations from Wonder how they can get away with charging $20.00 more for a black one. *grins* Being the cheap bastard that I am I ordered a white one. Got a $10.00 discount using the promo code GEEKPUZZLER. Offset the cost of UPS 2 day shipping, that did.

I have been looking for something along these lines for a while. Got enough cable clutter round here and this one has the right combo of looking good and the connectors that I require:
        ✓        Charging station for three or more devices
        ✓        6 built-in connectors
        ✓        2 (two) iPod / iPhone connectors
        ✓        1 (one) Mini USB
        ✓        1 (one) Micro USB
        ✓        2 (two) USB sockets
        ✓        Rubberized tray