May 3rd, 2010


This is the day

Supposedly that I have NO official job.

Haven’t logged in yet. The Asian Overlord was waiting to hear something from HR as to whether he can make us continue to work issues. God, I hate that word, Issues.

I’ve got issues with issues all right.

Won’t make any difference to me, unless it affects my severance.

I need to make an appointment to talk to the ever so helpful HR lady this week. Either a face to face or teleconference. She’s so busy protecting the company that we are having a hard time getting anything in writing from her.
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Soooooo. Dinner Tonight

Grilled T-Bone Steak, Mashed Potatoes or Rice and some Green or Yellow Vegetable...

Likely to be washed down with a Heineken Light or two...

Gotta let the patio cool off a little bit first. Hot out there right now. 95 and change is what the thermometer says. Also need to let the paint dry. Painters have been active today. Painted the patio walls and the door frame.

And they took the screens off my bedroom windows. I’d had the windows and doors open until just right after noon today. Jeebus! It’s hot out there now!

Got some bug in the gut. And I seem to have pulled a frickin’ muscle in my back. Damn.