May 4th, 2010


What Is The Deal With BBC America?

Is there some mystifying reason as to why the series on the BBC is running at least two weeks ahead of BBC America...

So while we have just seen "Victory of the Daleks", our friends over the Atlantic pond have just finished "Flesh and Stone". Can make discussion difficult.

No real reason for it either as far as I can tell.

Awesome me

OW! *Grins*

About did myself an injury trying to open a LOCKED window in my bedroom. *grins*
I rarely lock these as I live on (what amounts to) THE FIFTH FLOOR! You gonna FLY in the window or what?

But since they’ve been painting and they have one of those rigs like window washers use on my side of the building, I figured it might be prudent to do so now.

These guys seem to be parked RIGHT ON A LEVEL with MY APARTMENT. Oh Joy. Chatter en espanol. Don’t really mind I guess.

I have the doors and windows open today. At least for the moment. Or until it just gets too damned hot to deal.


This lovely lady is the first piece of original art I’ve ever owned. She’s been through heaven and hell with me.

Took this shot the other night with my LUMIX. So this is the way she looks at night by the light of a frosted halogen bulb.
Myriad moves, 3 marriages, a whole lotta joy and a whole lotta suffering.

Wife 1.0 and myself picked it up from a neighbor when we lived on Indiana Street here in Houston. A loooooooooooooooooooonnnng time ago.

She is a work in charcoal, I believe. I don’t know the artist, or the model for that matter. Could be worth a minor fortune at this point. And I would have no idea.

And here she is in the daylight. Took this one today with my D60. Just to make sure it still works. **grins**

All righty then. Gonna scare up some lunch!

A Poll: Torchwood: Greatness or Lameness

Poll #1560311 Right! You Lot! TorchWood. Greatness? Or Lameness? Discuss.

Did you watch it?

Yes! Loved it! Tell me why in the comments
Yes. But I didn't like it. Tell me why in the comments.
No, but I'd like to
Nah. Could not care less.

Knowing that I'm a Doctor Who fan from Waaaaaaaay back, should I check it out?

Oh Yeah... Explain yourself in the comments.
Nah. Don't bother. It's rubbish. Explain below please...
Who *heh* cares?

Just wondering if I should check this out.