May 7th, 2010


FARK!! If One More Person From Work PINGS me I'm Gonna Scream...

IM could possibly be the worst tool ever implemented at The Big Clam

Ping! Could you have a look!
Ping! Emergency!
Ping! How’s it going?
Ping! Are you busy?
Ping! Hi!

And the ones that start out with “Hi” are the fucking worst ones of all. It is never any one I know. Most of the time is is some contractor from India, or somewhere else in the Asia Pacific Region or some one from Latin America!

All the very people that are taking American (and others) Jobs. LIKE MINE DAMMIT! They are the last people I want to help out.

At this point, people I fucking know will be lucky if I answer ‘em. Damn, I hate to get wound up like this...

First thing outta the chute this morning was a nice fella from Germany. He had a very confusing and convoluted issue, that involved several users. Took me about an hour and a half to get his issue sorted. Would have taken a lot less time if i weren’t for PING!Ping!PING!PING!Ping!PING!PING!Ping!PING!PING!Ping!PING!

I hate IM in a professional environment. Setting your status to “Busy” or “Away” or even “Do not disturb” means nothing to these folks.

At least most folks in EU or North America have sense enough to say, “Ping me when you can, please

But not folks in the Far (or Near) East.

I’m good for another 20 minutes and then they can all BITE ME!

Damn. Almost be glad to be out of this job. Long as I find another. *grins*

I’ll definitely be having a cocktail or two this afternoon / evening. One before and a few after dinner.

Pork chops - pan grilled and some mashed potatoes. And green beans if I’ve got them. Then I might stick my head in a Scotch bottle until it’s all gone. And maybe a trip down to the pool. Tomorrow morning if not tonight.


Okay... Couple of Drinks After Work

And a nice meal can make a lot of things better.

My jaw has finally unclenched. Been gritting my teeth so hard the last few days they HURT.

First time in a while I’ve pulled the scotch bottle out.. Think I had a drink poured by 4:30... It was 5 o’clock somewhere, is what I thought at the time.

Gotta learn to just say no to some of these folks at work. Feeling sorry for some of these guys though. They will not be getting the superb service they get out of the US team for too much longer.

Matter of fact we’ve lost one team member all ready. He started a new job on the 1st of May. And the two of us that are left are pretty preoccupied with saving our skins... So our service levels have already fallen.



TorchWood Season 2.

The producers can BITE ME for that season ender episode. Half the cast? Come on. Tosh and Owen?! Shit.

Oh and for the record. I like Gwen. Little bit of the superhero and a lotta human being in that character.

And enough all ready. Enough.


Gonna keep busy this weekend I think. Got to get my kitchen cleaned up and a run to the grocery store is required as well.

Dusting, cleaning, vacuuming. You know the usual.

At least I got the laundry done today. Another week without socks. *grins*

Annnnnnd I must have some allergy thing going on. My sinuses are pretty much screwed and I’ve got a headache that won’t quit. Recedes a bit at times, but every time I step outside...

Jeebus! I’m boring. I’m even boring myself...*heh*
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