May 11th, 2010


Question for my Louisiana Based Friends

So found another Job Posting that seems interesting in Louisiana.

It’s in a refinery outside NOLA. I *might* have a shot a this one. And the posting closes today. Got some buds that owe me favors in that plant too...

Is there a state income tax in Louisiana? Or are the coffers of the state filled by state sales tax or what?

What else do I need to know? Oh that’s an open ended question.

If I got the job I presume I’d be living over the bridge somewhere.


My LJ anniversary is today. And I’m starting to wonder. Almost decided not to mark (or recognize) it at all.

Is there a point? Any more? I used to have a lot to say. I used to get a form of therapy from this stuff. I used to have a lot to say. A LOT. And so did most of you. What happened? Was it life? Or F-F-F-F-acebook...

For some of us, yeah. It’s Facebook. Or freakin’ twitter. For others - Life of course. I’m not terribly active on Facebook. So I dunno what’s going on with a lot of you.

Where the hell is everybody?

For me? My life has gotten... Less interesting. I had a lot more to say when there was more personal turmoil and stress in my life. Recently, of course, I’ve picked up some stress from the job. Or lack of the job.

But what’s happened? In general, life is less interesting at the present time. More mundane. Remember when I said I was boring myself? I wasn’t kidding.

Or maybe I’ve become more introspective. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. One thing is certain; I’ve grown quieter. Hard to believe I know, but it’s true. Keeping to myself more.

Is it a trend that will continue? Dunno...