May 19th, 2010


The You Tube Teacher!

Teacher beats student and is fired, arrested and sued.

And she’s from Texas. Houston, in fact. Great. Have just seen this woman / teacher on GMA.

First, what the hell is she doing on GMA!?!

So the TAKS test induces violence in teachers? There’s a solution for that. I don’t know about other states, but it seems sometimes (in Texas) that they teach only the test...

I don’t care what her excuse is, this behavior in this day and age is indefensible. She has clearly snapped in the incident.

I don’t give a flying fuck if this is a charter school. She knew what she was getting into when she signed on. If she didn’t, she shouldn’t have signed on.

Having been around kids most of my adult life, I know they can push all your buttons. On purpose. All at once. But still.

She is right about one thing though. The kid’s mother (or other parental unit) should be more involved. You cannot just drop a kid off and go about your business. And then pick them up after school. This is a recipe for disaster.

The teacher is to blame here, but she sure as hell isn’t the only one. There’s certainly enough blame to go around.

For fuck’s sake!


By the time I got down to the pool last night I think it was about 730. Drank a few beers with some twenty-somethings.

I was in the water till the pool CLOSED around 10 or so. This is probably going to be almost a daily occurrence until next winter. HAH! I love the water. The sun? Not so much.

Spent most of my time in the water floating. Just like I said I was going to. Certainly did help. Still kinda mentally paralyzed, but better.

Tonight I’ll try to get down there a little earlier, because I’m gonna grill a STEAK! And some veggies too. Got some macaroni salad to munch on too. That and a couple (or three)(Or four) of Heineken Lights should do me right!

Hopefully the mental paralysis will loosen it’s grip by tomorrow...



This mental state is not me. It is some other poor sap.