May 22nd, 2010


At First Glance...

Rand Paul seems to be just as much of a kook as his dad.

Saw him yesterday morning on Good Morning America! Trying to control the spin from some statements he’s made. Which of course were taken out of context.

He was openly hostile to George Stephanopoulos. It seemed to me pretty clear that George didn’t care too much for him either... Or his tea party politics.


Really let this place go the last week or two. Just been so “meh” about anything here lately.

Coffee pot has been losing a half a cup to a cup every time I brew lately. So when I was spending my life savings at the grocery store earlier this week *laughs* I bought some vinegar too.

First thing to do today is police the kitchen. Decided it was a good idea to run the vinegar through the pot out on the patio. O.M.G.! So glad I did. Heated vinegar smells pretty strong. Phew!

Wonder what the neighbors are thinking...

Progress will be made.

"Why A Spoon, Cousin?"

“Because it will hurt more!” My favorite Alan Rickman quote from a movie.

Seriously though. I bought some fresh Pico de gayo when I was at he grocery store the other day. I love the stuff. No really. I LOVE the stuff!

I stopped to eat some lunch a while ago. Made a sammich. And mixed a little pico and picante sauce to have with my tortilla chips. Imagine (if you will) my dismay when I discovered the tortilla chips I had left were (mostly) small shards. DANG!

So SPOON time! *grins*

When I eat hot and spicy foods these days it makes my scalp sweat. Just my scalp. So I’m sitting here on the couch and my hair is friggin’ soaked.

If I eat enough the sweat will run from under my scalp and down my neck or face. *laughs* I have no idea what this means, if anything.

But now at least my head and neck are nice and cool.

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