May 24th, 2010

Awesome me

It's Official

Red Dead Redemption ROCKS!

Travel by horse though, is not nearly as fast as an FTL starship...



Okay. Gotta get prepared for my interview. Dunno whether to hope I ace this and get the job or not. This is way out of my comfort zone.


Oh no fear, I’ll give it my best shot...


Those were some tough Hombres.

I don’t think I aced it. Some questions were out of a Production environment, where I have very little experience.

I just hope I didn’t come across as some sort of Bullshit artist.

Is It Still Called...

Dry humping if you are doing it in a pool?

No. NOT me. Some kids down there yesterday. I wanted to yell out, “For crissakes dude, take her to your apartment!”

She was really working him over. If he didn’t take her back to his place, he is either dead. Or gay. I hope he has blue balls for a week.