June 12th, 2010

got my eye on you

Pool Time

I prefer going to the pool early in the day or late in the evening. Means I can usually have one or the other to myself.

Asocial as I am (or seem to be) I like it that way.

Got the laundry going upstairs, had myself a nice float, need to stop by the office while I'm down here and pick up a filter for the AC. Drop off and check the mail.

Need to do some house work as well as finish the laundry.

Think I may give that guy I talked to the other day a call and see what he's up to. Or maybe not.

About time for me to bail as folks are starting to trickle into the pool area.

Maybe one more dip before I go.

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Watching the footie?
Yes or no?

Seems to be some terrible background noise or feedback on this broadcast.

Finding it to be most irritating.

And England scores in the first 5 minutes!

Not a total lump on the couch though. I'm folding some laundry. SO THERE!!

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Jules ~ Got Issues?

@ jules_perox

Jules, my friend, I’m seeing an awful lot of bull shit email coming from you. Or your email account(s).

I think you have a serious issue....Or two.

You’ve got a virus or summat, dude.

Not going to send an email because it will likely just fuel the fire...