June 19th, 2010



Been mostly a quiet lump the last few days. Proverbial Bump on a log. Or a sofa.

Took a few days off this week. My partner in crime at the office will be off all next week. Won’t be too much fun for me. But she’s going to Vegas, baby!

Started reading a few days ago. I am quite voracious when the mood strikes. And it has. Over the last 3-4 days I’ve read several Bruce Sterling books... Bruce is one of the original “cyberpunk” authors... And I love the sub genre.


Not my first time to read any of these...

Mirrorshades - Edited by Mr. Sterling
Islands in the Net
Globalhead - Short Stories

And I am well into Heavy Weather.

When this guy gets serious about novel writing and not all professorial (and hence over my head or outta my league) I love his stuff. Used to read his blog(s) “Beyond the Beyond” at wired.com quite often, but... He just lost me somewhere along the line.