June 20th, 2010


Road Rash

Or maybe side of the pool rash...

Gave myself a nice little rash on the forehead when I whacked into the side of the pool yesterday afternoon. Well done, T! Well DONE.

Happy Fadder's Day

Is it Sunday already? Crap!

Had a nice little outing with The Offspring. Went to see The Menil Collection and then a salad for lunch at Potbellies Sandwich Works. Poor kiddo had to work today at 3:00.

Had a slight panic when I plugged my iPod Classic into the car stereo and nothing happened. Thought the damned thing had died! Once I got home, I started to do a hard reset on the thing. Annnnnnnnnnnnd nothing. Noticed a screen change though, looked a little closer and it said very dimly ,”please connect to power” Whew!

Man, it is frickin’ HOT out today.

I need to make a run to the grocery store, but I think I’ll wait until the sun is a little further to the west.

Still need to get a spare tire too. But at least now I know which size I need. Thing is small.