June 25th, 2010

G'morning, Coffee

One More Reason

I’m not overly fond of the Southern Baptists.

Was out for dinner with a friend last night. Went to Pappadeaux. The wait was ridiculous. Why?

The Southern Baptist Convention...

I realize this generates tons of revenue for the city. But... Had to wait over an hour for a table?!?

It was so humid last night, by the time we got seated my shirt was literally soaked.

Religious fervor does no-one any good. Just my opinion of course.
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Holy Crap! I Just Logged on For a MINUTE

On my work laptop. I was just checking some email and was gonna ping a friend via IM to see if he had any weekend plans. Before I could even do that some goober from Big Blue Brazil was pinging me! I had only been on for 30 seconds!

I like this kid. He was one of the guys that I trained to take over MY LAST JOB. He is a supervisor now. THAT is how well I trained him. But for crissakes!

He: Tom, my friend!
        Are you there?
Me: Yes. But just for a minute
        It’s my day off.

He: Could you please approve this request to extend an account?
        Mr X is asking me to get it worked.
        You are the only one I see that is “online”

Mr. X is a pushy bastard. It would only be a minute or two before HE PINGED me too.
So I checked. And no, the team lead, Ms Y, in Kuala Lumpur was still on. It is frickin’ late in KL. She is always on... She’s killing herself for this company. Whatever...

Me: I guess you had better try Ms Y. I see she is still on.
He: But~
Me: And you better get SOME ONE on your team down there approved and
        trained to do this step. Because after Thursday there won’t be anyone
        in the western hemisphere to do this. Hell, after Wednesday, really,
        cuz. What are you gonna do then?

Me: Ask Ms. Y to approve it.
He: But To~
Me: B, And you had better talk to The Asian Overlord about this, amigo.
        I am not working any more Security Issues. Done! Kaput! Fini!
        I’ve got 4 working days left here. Then I’m gone, dude.
        I just don’t care any more. I can’t. It isn’t an option.
        You folks at Big Blue will have it all then. I know it isn’t your fault, B.
        But I’m finished here, due in part to The Asian Overlord and
        the company you work for.
        The Asian Overlord made it impossible for me to find a job at
        The Big Clam, B.
        Why should I care? Really, WHY? I gotta go...

And I clicked off. Dammit. Probably thinks I’m a dick now. Hell I don’t care.

At one point yesterday I had 3 Brazilians pinging me via IM. All for the same damned issue. They are tripping all over each other down there.


Dang It! Now Where Did i Put that Manual...

I downloaded one...On this mac somewhere! For a cheap little thermostat it has some nice programming features. Or I think so anyway. Never had a programmable digital one in any of the houses or other apartments I lived in. And I have the NERVE to call myself a geek!

I need to fully grok the thing. There is some odd temperature time zones going on in here.

I need to hack this thermostat... Whoever programmed it before I moved in must have been having hot flashes in the afternoon and later in the evening.

Some of these choices I get. Ok 84F during the day when no one is supposed to be here. Great! Starts at about 8:00 in the morning.

But drops to 75 at around 4:30. Brrrrrr. I don’t need to be that chilled most of the time.

I usually boost it to like 78 if I’m here by myself. Lower if there’s company.

One part they had right though. Temperature at 76F. at midnight. I likes it nice and cool at night.

Of course I think the manual was written in Chinese - translated to Korean or something and then into Engrish!