July 4th, 2010

got my eye on you


Not too much got done yesterday. Nothing really productive. About half the laundry. Had lunch and beer (and a few shot type drinks) with a friend out on the edge of forever. A little closer in than I used to live, but not by much. We are gonna have to start trading off on the driving piece of this stuff.

I had a few summer ales. Yum! And we did a few “3 Olives Bombs”. 3 Olives is a fruit infused vodka that comes in several varieties. Of course the Bomb part of the concoction is Red Bull. They were tasty. We also had a “Red Headed Wench” shooter each. Not so tasty. Recipe: peach schnapps, Jagermeister® herbal liqueur (bleah!) and cranberry juice. But he was buyin’ so... Don’t need to try that again. Certainly didn’t remind me of any of the redheads I have known. **grins**

Have I mentioned I don’t really care much for licorice?

Lunch really shot the hell out of anything else productive for the rest of the day **grins**. Lunch lasted till after FOUR!

Then had a nice little catch up and hang out with serene_orange for a bit. Fun was had by all.


iOS4 - Seems to really kill the hell out of the battery in my 3G. Seriously considering either moving the phone back to 3.WE (Whatever) or just biting the bullet and ordering an iPhone 4.


I’m getting tired of the thought of sinking more money into the Saturn Express. I may not really have a choice...


I’ve been surfing the Mini Cooper Web site today. Looks like if you don’t go absolutely nuts you can get one for under $21K MSRP. Or the extended version for about $21K.

I like the looks of them. God help me if I go test drive one and like the way it feels, handles, etc... I need to stay away from Automobile dealerships *grins*

Now I need to surf the Subaru web site as well.

Oh Poop.

I have just plum run out of juice. So tired. Feel like I’m trying to get sick. I think I’m just run down... Been burning it at both ends for the last week or two. Too much of a good thing is... Well. Too much of a good thing.

Started three projects today. Finished two. Done for now I think. Need to offload the pictures from my camera I snapped when I was out in the country getting wet the other day. Wonder if I got anything decent.

I don’t even have the gumption to go out and see fireworks tonight.

Think I finally bottomed out on the ‘riding the wave into (not) retirement thing’.

I don’t even want to go down and get in the pool. Now THAT’S saying something.


I am doomed for an early night tonight I think.

Been exceptionally quiet around here today for a 4th of July. Out in the hinterlands where I used to live they would have been setting fireworks off for days now. They’d just be getting warmed up for the Grande Finale tonight between 9:00PM and 1:00AM. And you know? I’m grateful. I like the relative quiet.

Had been sitting here wondering what that noise was...OH! It’s nothing. Nothing at all. *sighs and smiles*