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July 5th, 2010

iOS4 Update

Right as Rain... Seemingly.

Removed all the apps that the iOS4 update re-installed on my 3G. Don’t care for that crap. Anyway, I had no need of them before and I had no need of them now. They will remain in iTunes should I ever need them.

Then I tried the hard (and soft) reset as recommended in this article via Macworld:

Bugs & Fixes: Seven iOS 4 troubleshooting tips

And those 2 little actions seem to have put the phone to rights. Downgrading the OS was gonna be a serious pain between the cheeks.




One Reason to Love Elena Kagan

From her confirmation hearing today:
Sen. Graham: "Where were you on Christmas?"
Elena Kagan: "Like most Jews, I was probably in a Chinese restaurant."

from Jeffrey Goldberg :: The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg



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