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July 29th, 2010

Almost Ready...


Got my rent car after a credit card fiasco. I’m mostly packed.

Decided to do an update on my GPS. AND signed up for Quarterly updates as well. As much as I use the thing I really should have done that from the beginning. Been a couple of times the little shit has put me off in the frickin’ BOONIES somewhere. Maybe this will help. 370 MB! I should hope it helps!

Still not sure which direction I’m going, just that all roads lead to New Braunfels by Saturday at some point.

Getting a bit of a late start. Couldn’t be helped. No matter I really have not got a set itinerary. Sooooooo. OFF we GO!


I Must Have Blinked...

And missed it.

I saw a sign a few miles back for a bump in the road called Sublime, Texas. Never saw the town.

I think I'm in Halletsville, Texas. But I ain't really sure. Pushing on to the west towards San Antonio.

That's all i got. For now.

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