August 1st, 2010


The View From Where I Am

Good morning! Looks like it will shape up to be another beautiful day.

This is eats_veggies' front yard. And as much as I like it here in New Braunfels, I think it is time to continue on this roadtrip. Think I'll head on down to the coast.

That's my rent car. I'd never buy one of these vehicles, but it ain't too bad for a few days. And the AC works better than the Saturn Express' does.

More from the road later...

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The View From Where I Am

Just outside Beeville, Texas. Nice spot isn't it?

Got nailed by a county cop between Karnes City (yeah right) and Beeville. Couldn't find the paperwork on this damned rental to save my life. So after questioning me for a while (he was trying to trip me up) and running the plates on the car and my license, he finally let me off with a verbal warning. So I pulled in here,

just to make sure I had the paperwork. I do.

And to catch my breath from the damned adrenilin surge. Ready to get back on the road again.

Have I mentioned there is no love between me and officers of the law? This didn't change that. Even though he let me go.

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