August 12th, 2010



Was awakened this morning by around 0515. By some incessant chirping thing. Last night I was fiddling around with this clock that I got for a corporate award. Damned thing was a milestone award for some project. Looks like a stack of coins. Okay so I get the whole "time is money" thing.

Can't get anything by me, nosiree!

Any way. I was sleeping along minding my own mental health, and then I wasn't. I must have been sleeping pretty hard because the thing went off at 400. (!). Took it some time (heh) to wake me up. As I remember I had the thing set for 4-ish to remind me to get me hence from the office.

Took me some time to figure out how to turn it off too. In fact, I didn't. I tore the battery door off and smacked it till the battery fell out. Layed back down to try to snooze for a bit longer. *sigh*. Didn't happen of course.

Must be why i'm feeling a bit sluggish today.

So it seems to be buggered. Can't reset the time as the dial in the back just spins and spins. Oh you can set the DAMNED alarm. Just not the time.


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Booooooooooong! Booooooooooong!

That is my impression of big Ben.

Clock appears to be fixed. Second hand and all. In true nerd fashion, I took it apart and fixed it. I hope...

Just a cheap old thing, but I always liked it. Probably doesn't say much for my taste in timepieces.

And if it ever screws up again it will be gone. I mean, there are limits yaknow.

Even (re)figured out how to turn the alarm off.

So much excitement around here. *yawn*

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