August 13th, 2010


Ding! Dong! The Clock is Dead!

The wicked clock is dead!

Alarm went off at 5:30 PM yesterday. Even though it was TURNED OFF...And no way to get it to switch off. So while it keeps time all right, the alarm thing is a deal breaker!

So unless I pull it apart again and tinker with it to permanently disable the alarm, it’s definitely another piece of history with The Big Clam that will just be thrown aside like a piece of flotsam.

Is it worth the time to do so? *grins*


Just got a call from the place where the rest of my stuff is stored.

Some one cut the lock off my unit... Wasn’t personal or anything like that. I don’t think...

She says other units were broken into as well.

Soon as the painters are outta here, I’m headed out to the hinterlands to check it out. And I need to buy another goddam lock!


Not even gonna tell you what I think ought to be done to folks who think it’s okay to fuck with other people’s stuff.