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August 20th, 2010

Scared Me Outta Six Months Growth

Just had a conversation with Chase ATM Fraud...!

Asking about the purchases I made yesterday! Grocery store, liquor store, iTunes, and an online purchase.

The first four charges on my new card. All mine. Glad they are vigilant. But jeebus!

Oh... HA! HA!

Just realized ~ Today is Herself’s and my wedding anniversary.

Aside from the great vacation and the first few years of our married life I guess it is just another day.

August 20, 1997...

Clipper at anchor 2

The sun rises... And sets. Life goes on. Onward though the fog, goddammit!

sunset off the starboard bow

Wherever you find yourself, I hope you pause for a moment or two and remember all the good that we had... And there was tons of it. Try to think of me in a good way. I know I do for you. You are still very special to me.

Be well darlin'





Kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned. As closes as I’m gonna get today anyway.

And my Crock Pot Chili smells won-der-ful. Buuuuuut... I’m supposed to meet some folks across town. The chili will be done about the time I’m ready to leave. I may get to taste it...As I LEAVE.



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