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September 1st, 2010

State of the Update

So I've been poked and prodded by several for an update. ...

Things seem to be progressing the way they are supposed to. The doctors and nurses all seem to be happy (or at least satisfied) with the progress.

Had a few "interactions" with "the bag" now. And even though (because of my current diet) things don't 'stink', the process itself sucks. Not sure I'll ever be able to eat chocolate pudding ever again, though. *grins*.

When I saw the doc yesterday there was some indication that I may be sent home today. Dunno bout that as I haven't seen anyone today.

I'm tired a nd thinking of laying down for a bit. Sure as I do that there will be 20 people wanting to talk to me.

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Free at Last!

Well sort of...

Was discharged this evening and am ensconced at cadona's place in the burbs.

Had a rocky moment or two (or five) this evening but am otherwise okay.

But this thing sucks donkeyballs. I'll get through it but damn.

Gonna attempt to slip off into drug and machine induced slumber now.

On the other side y'all!

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