September 3rd, 2010


The View From Where I Am

Thought it was time for one of these...

Listening to cadona talking to a drone from ATT about her DSL. Painful convo with "Mike" from India. *sigh*. Sounds like they've gone through the same scenarios 4 times. She's very patient with this goober. I would probably all ready thrown a hissyfit

So stepped into the backyard and was presented with this. Nice!

Decided to come in here to my room and give an update of sorts.

Spent a few hours with the Offspring running around. The surgeon removed my staples today. Incision is an angry pink. An infection is indicated. He smeared some antibiotic cream on it and gave me the tube. Twice a day. Also asked for something besides codeine for pain. Shit weirds my head out. Got that so maybe I'll be able to get some rest. Finally tonight. Sleep pattern was really thrown outta whack since my stay in the hospital. The narcotics have made continuous sleep impossible. Weird stuff goes on in my head with codeine.

Kiddo also brought me more clothes from my place. And my meds stash. Includes sleep meds. I WILL avail myself of one of those tonight.

Still a pretty good day. Ordered some supplies for my ostomy. We will pick them up tomorrow Need practice with that yet. Haven't quite got it right. It will come. Probably get it right about time for the reversal. Heh.

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