September 11th, 2010


What a Difference!

Wow! Changed the wafer this morning for the bag.

Had long telcons with an old friend (that sported one of these bags for many years) and phoenixisrisen and got some great advise from both about removal, application, and caring for the osteo system.

Taken what I got from them. Both similar, and different. Larry could give me advise from a user's point of view, while Liane can give from an osteo nurse's view.

My problem is (or hopefully was) I haven't been able to make the wafer stay in place for more than a few days. Should be able to stick for at least 10 days.

It's all about the application of heat and then time to the thing. It looks to be made of paraffin wax. In a disk form with a moldable hole in the center. You have to shape the hole to the size of your stoma. Then you need to mold the disk or wafer to the contour of the location of the stoma on your body.

The initial instructions left a few things out. Or maybe I was stoned at the time on morphine and missed the middle part.

Anyway I put the wafer in a towel and that into a heating pad set on low. Went and took my shower. After that I made sure the area was free of any adhesive residue and absolutely dry. I checked the progress on the wafer to make sure it was nice and bendy (it was) and applied it to the area per instructions. Laid down and held it in place for 5 minutes and then finished with the adhesive paper that surrounds the thing.

Then I'm supposed to keep still for 30 minutes to let everything bond or set. This will be the hardest part for me. *grins*. I'm about 25 minutes in at this point.

Sure as hell can't get in a hurry for this procedure. Heh!

It's great to have folks that I can get real and practical advise from.

My thanks to you both!

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