September 14th, 2010


Bleh... It's Back

I can feel the asthma making it’s way back into my life. I really gotta give the tobacco up. I felt so much better even in that short period. It’s gotta go.

Need to make sure I hydrate well as I’m sure the “Laxative Incident” has dried me out some. Feeling listless and tired today. Even though, by my estimate, I slept close to 6 1/2 - 7 hours. And yes, with a med. Still that’s quite a night’s sleep for me.

Feeling a little foggy.

Want to start moving some of my stuff back to La Casita today, but dunno where to start. The Fog has got me. Results from the need to rehydrate, and the sleep aid as well, and smoking, I think.

At La Casita I watched a little NFL last night as I was waiting for my dinner companion to call / ping. Didn’t see anything after the beginning of the 3rd quarter last night. So, who won the Jets game?!? Love the Football in HD!
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