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September 17th, 2010

In By Twelve... Out By Four

Bah! Not much good sleep last night / this morning. Got too much on my mind.


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The Saturn Express is packed. About to hit the road.

Next stop: La Casita de TexasTs!

I really appreciate all that cadona has done for me the last few weeks.

I owe her big time!

Wonder what wonderful things are in store for today. Jeebus!

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Just Dawned on Me

I have a ton of stuff to do around here before I let anyone in my front door.

Best get started...



O M G ! What is That Smell?!

Oops! It’s me. Must have caught the wafer underneath something and broke the seal. That with the sweating I was doing earlier must have eased it off.


And I just changed the bag today. Oh well. Need to take a shower anyway. But in my shower. Got a little more room here. But I have to find all my supplies...

They’re here... Somewhere.




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