October 21st, 2010


Okay. So If All Goes

According to plan...I should be discharged tomorrow.

The saints and angels in heaven be praised. TexasT's is GOING HOME! I had an induced BM today. Hopefully I'll have an (uniduced) one tomorrow. Early.

We figured it was the epidural that gave me the damned rash on my back. Gnarly looking it is. They took me off the Morphine drip today. Darvocet.... Tha't a pretty big drop in overall effectiveness. Just my opinion.

I think I want to go to MY home rather than any one else's. If I can't deal with being mostly alone, well then maybe THEN I'll go to cadona's place. But I have stuff to do and home is where I need to do it from. That's where all the stuff I need to do it with, is.

I can probably get The Offspring to make a grocery run for me at some point tomorrow.