October 29th, 2010


Wha'd Ya Say? I didn't Quite Catch That...

Saw an ENT today. ENT = Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor for those that do not know.

I had noticed my hearing was getting a little suppressed in my right ear. So went to have a hearing test.

Turns out I have quite the loss of hearing in BOTH ears. Dang I ain't that old...

But I've always listened to music at upper volumes when I could. Worked in some very loud places. Hell, I've LIVED in some really loud environments. Bet the last few years with my iPod in ear earphones didn't help much either. I was late to that party though. Think I got my first iPod about the time I got my MAC. I'd had PDA's that had music players, but once I got an iPod it was over for those things.

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I better be DONE with frickin' health issues for a while. Jeebus!