November 1st, 2010

Give a damn

I HATE Proprietary Cables!

Or anything else proprietary for that matter. I understand why it's thought to be needed, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I was going to update my GPS Maps and firmware this morning. It's USB. But the damned plug on the unit itself is recessed so you cannot use a standard cable. Annnnnnnnnnd the cable for the damned thing wasn't in the box with all my other cables either. After a mad search of about a 1/2 hour I did manage to locate the thing. And it's in the box NOW...


And another thing... You would not believe how P{ISSED OFF I am at my medical insurance company and my former employer...Dammit. But that's another update as soon as I can rationally think about it...

Conversation via Emaul

Friend of mine coming over to watch the Texans hopefully trounce the Colts tonight on MNF:

So what do I need to bring?

Me: Dude, didn't we talk about KFC or something last week?

He: Oh yeah. What do you want, I'll pick it up?

Me: Ummmmm...

Me: Maybe? Chicken?