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November 3rd, 2010

And So...

I'm here in New Braunfels. Did Wurstfest last night. Wonder if it might be more fun on a weekend. Oopa music galore. Waaaaay too much liederhosen. Some guys that make Oompa look like rock and roll. Great. Dude was HELL on his accordion!

I think the 3 hour drive to get here might have done me in... Damned surgery. Didn’t even drink a single beer. Does this sound like your TexasT’s?

And of course I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Once I got to sleep all was well.

Helped my hosts put the finishing touches on their new chicken coup today. Nice to feel useful. *I know my way around power tools* and can do some mad carpentry-ing. Haven’t had to put these skills to use for a while. Fun stuff!

Herding chickens seems to be a bit like herding cats. A little easier, but still a challenge. *grins*

As I kinda said above, I may have pushed a little tooooooo hard the last couple of days. Had planned to go home this afternoon, but it got to be late enough that I didn't feel like driving home to get there at 9:00 or 10:00. So I let Dorie talk me into staying another night. I’ll get outta their hair in the morning and head back to la casita.

The Hearing is the Thing

So meeting with the Hearing Aid Consultant did NOT go off exactly as I planned. While we were talking she had me put on some demo units. OMG! What a freakin' difference. While we discussed various devices (appliances?) I marvelled at the difference these things made. When she left the room to re-verify my insurance coverage, I could hear conversations from down the hall! With the door mostly shut! These are a must have at this point.

When she came back in I could tell something was wrong. "Mr T's, We verified your coverage and hearing aids are NOT covered unless the loss is by accidient or due to a surgery."

Me: WTF?!?! Not what I was told.

She: Yessir. We see this kind of thing a lot. Obviously the representative did not read the fine print...

*Okay so when I said I was pissed off and my insurance provider and The Big Clam the other day this was the reason.*

They won't pay a frickin' DIME!

So I applied for the credit they had available on the spot. 7-10 days before I find out as for some reason the automated approval had some issues with me. They'll want more info and we'll just wait and see.

We talked some more and I asked the nice lady to order them anyway. I'll find a way to get the cash. Once I left the doctor's office I called my "Advocate" at the insurance company and asked WTF?!?!

She looked it up and said, "I'm sorry Mr T's, but apparently I did not read far enough. The reason the consultant gave you was correct."

I can't even begin to imagine how many shades of red I must have turned. I blasted her pretty effin' good. In a sort of polite kind of way. I was sitting in my car in a mostly empty parking lot.

But for those of you who might be curious:
What do they cost? From $2K to $3.2K. EACH. Not for the pair. EACH.
What is the expected lifetime? 3 - 7 years.
Are the batteries proprietary? No. Standard hearing aid type batteries.
Lifetime of a battery? 7-10... DAYS. 2 weeks tops.

The premium devices use smart technology to discern what type sound you are dealing with and attempt to act accordingly.

Believe it! These things can seriously improve your quality of life. But Day-um!!

Tha's it for me, I'm off to bed...


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