November 11th, 2010


I Swear...

When I rolled over and looked at my watch, it said it was around 0600. I must have dreamt this. I layed there for bit and rolled over and sat up. It was actually 0315. *sigh*

Weird damned dreams too. If they are going to be like this all the time, I prefer when I don't remember them thankyouverymuch.


Tom's fun in dreamland continues. NOT!



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Got one? Want one? Recommend one? I'm finding the iPad is HEAVY when reading books.

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Proof that Real Men do Indeed Wear Tights

Growing up Rennie: Journey to the Port-O-Potty is a little piece that The Offspring wrote for one of the local newspapers, The Houston Press.

It is a story about one of her experiences at TRF, in the deep cold, and dark of the night, but the pictures both feature yours truly. The first picture is of the Hynds Family Ca 1990. We're in back of the booth where we worked. That was our two room manse behind us. *grins*From left to right: The OH So Gorgeous RedHead**(And I hope she remains ever so!), The Offspring and Sir Thomas himself! I was using a cane because I had broken my BIG TOE that weekend doing something I shouild not have been doing. I think I fell off a bench I was standing on and landed on my Toe! And boy did it hurt! In the the second I'm on "The Perch" in full on "Selling of the Sooth Sayers" mode.

My masters at the faire nearly tore that down after the remodel that took the second storey off that building. I and my staff prevailed (albiet temporarily) because it was a great place to harass the crowd.

Click the link and visit and see if she can't get the page view up.

** Sometimes referred to here as wife 2.0