November 18th, 2010

got my eye on you


Started playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Jeebus! Took forEVER to find a damned torch! Which seems to be the best way to kill the zombies. That or a HEADSHOT!

I'm pretty much convinced that you should not be doing too much at night (in the game) with this particular downloaded content. Unless you are in the deep woods. So far anyway. The undead are every where....


Just watched the movie, 'The Road'. Great movie. Better book, though. But just the thing to watch right before you're ready to TRY and get some sleep. Heh...

I knew the movie would be pretty good as I loved the book.

She Loves You! Yeah, Yeah. Yeah...

I am rather "too little, too late" about The Beatles catalog now being available from iTunes.

I love the Beatles, but I've already sourced the music I wanted from other places. Long ago. So yeah. Meh. Most of it I ripped from CD's I own. Not going there. And why? I bet most of us already have what ever music we wanted from "Thebandthatchangedeverything"

Sorry boys. Or heirs.